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Date: 27th August 2015
XYG-520 Potentiometer Damping Grease

1) The damping torque is stable and smooth at different temperatures.
2) Excellent resistance to water seal, rust-proof and shock absorption, insulation.
3) Excellent adhesion and stringiness.
4) Excellent lubrication and appropriate damping.
5) Good high and low temperature performance, no melting under high temperature.
1) Applicable to the damping and lubrication of the spin axis of electrical apparatus element like rotary regulation resistance, inductor etc; slow-open audio and video equipment; conditioning system, and rotating device of telescope, microscope etc.
2) Applicable to lubrication of bearings, gears, and surfaces for machineries of food, cosmetics etc.
3) Printers, fax machines, mouse and other computer peripheral facilities.
Temperature range: -50℃~180℃.